ArtGeo. Credit Ryan Murphy

The Collection Exhibition by Alice Alder

Sunday, 5th June 2022 - Sunday, 19th June 2022


Painting Exhibition by Alice Alder.

Since graduating university Alice Alder has worked as graphic designer in Western Australia and showcased her contemporary art in an array of exhibitions since 2016.

Based in her Capel studio, Alder explores the atmospheric world of contemporary art through landscape oil paintings. Her journey first began creating watercolour illustration for her published books. Struggling to start a relationship with oil paints, until she began to approach the oils the same as the techniques used with watercolours. Creating a contemporary style, Alder has developed a raw and unvarnished truth of nature. These rough watermarks and layers create an absence of idealism in the art of landscapes. Alder’s use of contemporary impressionism is rendered with loose, expressive brushwork and a focus on the effects of implied light to show subtle vitality of time.

Inspired by the aim to evoke an emotional connection to her creations, Alder’s pieces gives an impression of what could be, rather than what is. As a person with Dyslexia and Synesthesia, Alder combines her visions to classical music capturing formations that build up to an indomitable landscape in a figurative moment in seasonal change