Emma Krause


Thursday, 18th April 2024 - 6:00pm to 7:30pm


What’s the secret to a FABULOUS life?

For years, Emma Krause thought it was smiling sweetly, appeasing others, meeting demands and doing the “right” thing.

Yeah. That s**t doesn’t work.

Secretly, the school teacher and mum wanted to try stand-up comedy, but she never felt brave or “rock n roll” enough. What would happen when she got on stage and people saw that long swishing tail she hid so well? What would the school P&C and the Tupperware ladies think?

7 years into comedy, Emma no longer cares. Actually, her scales and horns are out now too.

And that feels bloody Fabulous to her.

A show about fears, limits, unsolicited advice and where all that can be shoved. For anyone needing more self love, laughter, or a sign to tell them their weird, quirky light needs to shine a little more.

Don’t miss the Fringe World Festival’ WA Winner for Best Comedy  and Australia’s Got Talent Finalist at the Augusta Hotel or in Cowaramup this April, or catch her at the  Esplanade Hotel in May.

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