Bones & Jones at Settlers Tavern

Saturday, 5th August 2023 - 9:00pm to 12:00am


Five-piece Victorian based alt rock’n roll band Bones and Jones are well renowned for their unique brand of infectiously memorable song writing and impressively tight live show.

Their blend of country-tinged vintage rock is coupled with a contemporary energy that allows them to feel familiar without being stuck in a revivalist pigeonhole. This impressive melting pot of sounds and memorable hooks has been recognised by NME, The Guardian, Triple J and has seen the band’s most recent album Ginger Gold (Farm Singles) nominated for the prestigious Australian Music Prize and Victorian Music Awards.

With their recent singles ‘My Friend’, ‘Taxi’, and ‘I’ve Got a Voice’ the band’s ability to write endearing, hook-filled rock music has reached a new peak and is the perfect example of the emotive power that their songs have. These new singles show a band reaching new heights and is a sign of the sonic maturity that is to come on their upcoming new album.

Experience them live at Settlers Tavern.

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