Cabin Fever: Gettin Jibba’s With It

Wednesday, 19th July 2023 - 5:00pm to 9:00pm


Head to Rocky Ridge where Chef and Jibba’s Hot Sauce founder Alex Gibson invites you to feel the burn.

Enjoy five sizzling courses of Asian-infused dishes with each course matched to an ice-cold beer or cocktail to complement the dish. Entertainment for the evening will be the smooth acoustic sensation of Nathan Parsons followed by a fire show to sprinkle a little extra spice to your evening.

Gettin Jibba’s With It is one of 40+ events included in the Margaret River Regions favourite winter festival, Cabin Fever. Now in its seventh year, Cabin Fever is laden with unique events for lovers of decadent food, fine local wines and live music. Grab your tickets and start planning your trip now.