Canvas of Feeling: Turning Emotions into Art

Friday, 5th April 2024 - Thursday, 9th May 2024


Embark on a vibrant odyssey through the world of emotions and embodiment.

For Marion Cardamone, creative therapist, mind-body specialist and artist, painting is a way to connect to the body and emotions, creating a feeling of safety and home. Painting is a way to turn suffering and confusion into gold: art, beauty & connection. Painting is a way to learn again how to be playful and free – a great antidote to our times getting more and more complex and virtual.

Marion believes that emotional well-being is key to health and meaning. But it can also be an aspect of ourselves that we dont know how to approach because we have not been taught how to both on a personal and cultural level. Through her art, Marion Cardamone has a question for you: What do you do with your feelings?

She crafts her paintings spontaneously, guided by her emotions, she surrenders control to the creative process, allowing the unconscious mind to surface into awareness creating colourful suggestive abstracts. “Canvas of feeling” is a raw and personal insight into the mystery of the creative process, the Mother-Daughter relationship and the quest for belonging.

When she’s not painting or giving therapeutic sessions, Marion channels her creative energy through music and live performance that you will be able to enjoy on the opening night at Margaret River HEART – Nala Bardip Mia, Friday 12 April.

And join her on 8 April for a concert at Young@HEART, where she will play French classics and originals with her ukulele, voice and loop station.

Artworks by Marion Cardamone
5 April – 9 May, Mon-Fri, 10am-4pm

Young@HEART Concert: Monday, April 8, 10am-11am

Exhibition Launch: Friday, April 12, 6-8pm

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