Cheese Course - Haloumi and Ricotta

Cheese Course – Haloumi and Ricotta

Saturday, 27th August 2022 - Saturday, 28th January 2023


Ahhh that Greek squeaky cheese we call Triximo here at Jardin Estate.

In this course students will make a Haloumi that is so smooth, has a hint of salt (but you can always salt to your taste) which relaxes beautifully in the pan when cooked. Who could ask for more?

Learn not only how to make this magical cheese, but also explore and taste at lunch a few wonderful ways to serve it that will delight all. And then, not wanting to waste the whey, we will make whey ricotta (Italian traditional ricotta) which is so light and fluffy students will not want to buy supermarket ricotta ever again. We will also discuss other uses of this very healthy bi-product – whey.

Please call 0424 557 701 or email to book