Dreaming Stories by Tamara Jarrahmarri

Thursday, 2nd June 2022 - Monday, 1st August 2022


My sincerest thanksgiving and acknowledgement to the Wadandi peoples and the “demala goomala” past, present and future ancestors of Wadandi Boodja (Country) .

Meditational and spiritual in nature, ‘’the spirit of what is created’’ is my inspiration. A conscious collection and reflection of dreaming stories, of connection to Country, Ancestors, Spirit and the Stars.

This special collection created for exhibiting at the Margaret River HEART displays the journey of ‘’Connection to Country’’ and “Connection to Sky Country” together. It is with pleasure, I present a series of paintings called the “Dreaming Stories’” Collection.

This exhibition will run from Thursday 2 June until Tuesday 2 August – Monday to Friday, between 10am and 4pm. With the exception of public holidays.