Gracetown Kite Festival

Sunday, 27th November 2022 - 2:00pm to 4:00pm

The Gracetown Kite Festival is a free annual community event held at Gracetown Oval on the last Sunday in November. The event attracts up to 500 locals and visitors from intra- and inter-state.
Event highlights include kite flying professional Michael Alvarez from Kite Kinetics with his flotilla of kites, including an 8m long whale shark and 7m long dolphin kite. Michael’s wife Jan runs kitemaking workshops during the event for children. Local DJs provide tunes creating ambiance, while local food trucks offer culinary treats.
Local wine business Flor Marche has sponsored the event for the past two years. Unfortunately, due to the negative impact of Covid on business, the organizer is now seeking additional financial support to ensure the success and legacy of this event in subsequent years.
The funds will be used to pay for the professional services of Michael and Jan Alvarez from Kite Kinetics, professional services of event DJ, event poster design and print, event promotion, event coordinator, marketing materials, art installation, event insurance, event permit, first aid officer and traffic controller.
The Gracetown Kite Festival opens the hearts and imaginations of all who attend, providing a free event accessible to all community demographics.