Three painted red-trailed black cockatoos

Inspired By Nature

Saturday, 25th November 2023 - Wednesday, 20th December 2023


This art exhibition showcases a passion for the beauty of native birds and wildlife.

Lesley uses gouache as the medium for the fine detailed artwork and Lesley’s commitment to preserving and celebrating the beauty of native birds is evident in every brushstroke and pencil line.

This event presents a captivating art exhibition that pays tribute the exquisite world of birds and promises a visual feast offering a unique glimpse to the heart and soul of the artist who’s spent over eleven years capturing the vibrant beauty of the avian neighbours and their friends.

This is a major solo exhibition over 30 days with the artist in residence every day between 10am and 4pm seven days a week.

An added feature to this exhibition is the written bird species information, along with video clips of bird songs and habitat.

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