Jebediah + End of Fashion

Jebediah + End of Fashion

Thursday, 27th October 2022 - 9:00pm to 12:00am


It was almost 23 years ago that Jebediah first shambled on stage in their shorts, sneakers, blue hair, dimples, grins and smirks and started bouncing off the walls with their roaring riffs and soaring pop hooks, tearing the lid off the Big Day Out and the Hottest 100 overnight.

It’s impossible for an Australian of a certain vintage to imagine those late ’90s summers without those delirious early Jebs singles — ‘Jerks of Attention’, ‘Leaving Home’, ‘Teflon’, ‘Harpoon’, ‘Animal’ — blasting out of every car radio and festival PA from Summersault to the Falls to Homebake.

End of Fashion will be joining the line-up, who are on tour playing blistering sets across the country, showcasing exciting new material to hungry audiences and working tirelessly on a new full-length album. End of Fashion began their decades-spanning career in 2003, from a little garage in Fremantle, Western Australia. Their 2004 Rough Diamonds EP was the highest-selling Australian EP of all time, followed quickly by the enormously successful Too Careful EP.