JULES SHER - The Colour of Passing Time

JULES SHER – The Colour of Passing Time

Thursday, 13th January 2022 - Thursday, 3rd February 2022


A solo exhibition by Jules Sher on his latest body of work.

Join us in celebrating the exhibition on the official opening: 6pm – 7:30pm Saturday 15 January 2022.

The exhibition is on show from 13 January – 3 February 2022
Gallery is open 10am Wednesday – Monday

“My art is based on intellectual, intuitive and emotional response to external reality.

My subject matter is based on the observation of opposing physical and ephemeral elements in relation to one another. 

In making a painting, opposing elements are selected, memorised and applied in varied combinations, resulting in minimal graphic images of colour, space, radiance and balance.

In essence, my paintings are a state of mind, rather than a state of landscape. ” 

Jules Sher, 2021