Memory of a Memory / Shades of Loss

Thursday, 28th September 2023 - Tuesday, 10th October 2023


A Pop-up Exhibition of Artworks by Elisa Markes-Young.

Running September 28 to October 10. Mon-Fri, 10am-4pm.

“Sometimes I think we all have embedded in the brain a personal space like a home we’ve lost that lingers in our skulls (…) This place and (the) people – they’re like elements or primary colours, forming and haunting our lives. (…) the original place isn’t ideal, just primary, saturating your child sensibility like the first exposure of film; if that place is then lost it settles in the brain rare and fantastic.” – Jane Alison, The Sister Antipodes.

On display will be a small selection of works from Memory of a Memory (2018/2022), a larger installation consisting of multiple storylines, the starting points of which were the artist’s childhood photographs. Each slightly different from its predecessor, the evolving images alluded to the fragility, inaccuracy and changeability of our memories.

Additionally, Shades of Loss (2022) – Elisa’s entry to last year’s Joondalup Invitational Art Prize – will be shown. The triptych talks about the pain of things lost forever, communicating the feeling of a bitter-sweet melancholy, regret and yearning for something or someone that once was there but isn’t any more.

Mezzanine Gallery, Margaret River HEART – Nala Bardip Mia

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