Nellie Crawford – Solo Exhibition

Friday, 27th October 2023 - Thursday, 16th November 2023


The Studio Gallery will host a solo exhibition by locally and internationally recognised artist, Nellie Crawford from Saturday 27th October  – 17th November 2023.

Working from her studio in the historic Fremantle, Nellie is a contemporary still life artist who’s had over twenty solo exhibitions, including exhibitions in Australia, France, Singapore and the UK.

Influenced by the works of Chardin, Morandi, and contemporary Dutch and Belgian still-life artists, she has developed a style that is uniquely her own. Inspired by the everyday domestic scene, her work is characterised by exquisitely balanced and often minimal composition, muted tones, soft edges and atmospheric effects which evoke contemplation and reflection.

“For me, the most important thing about any work of art is that it evokes a feeling or emotion in the viewer. The feeling I try to convey is one of harmony and balance, a sense of those quiet moments of reflection we look for in our day to day lives. My aim is to paint pictures that people can live with and look at with increasing pleasure.”
Nellie Crawford 2022

Exhibition visitors are invited to extend their enjoyment of the exhibition and the gallery surrounds, by partaking in a lunch at the gallery’s own award-winning restaurant, Studio Bistro.

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