Ruben Reeves at Settlers Tavern

Sunday, 28th May 2023 - 3:00pm to 6:00pm


Ruben Reeves, One Man Band, at Settlers Tavern.

This eccentric young lad is your quintessential travelling troubadour. Telling oddball stories of life on the road interwoven with tight guitar licks and pounding drum beats. Hailing from the windswept forest of the southern tip of Tasmania this young lad proves you don’t need a looper to get a full band sound and that Yetti’s are fundamentally REAL.

On the road since 2017 Ruben has amassed thousands of hours in front of a crowd while boasting an array of modified Slide guitars and whacky resonator instruments that test the boundaries of sonic performance.

And if that wasn’t enough Ruben’s show rests on top of a special made foot drum set that allows him to play a normal-sounding drum kit with nothing more than a flick of the Toe. So if you enjoy a classic road-worn guitar man show with a modern twist and a set full of songs of sweat, celebration and irony, then Ruben Reeves will surely be your pub favourite!

(SOUNDS LIKE: Minnie Marks, John Butler, Les Claypool, Juzzy Smith, Ash Grunwald, Cam Cole, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang)

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