Sun-Sets on the Bay Dunsborough presents Eloise Madison

Saturday, 19th February 2022 - 5:00pm to 7:00pm

Bring your picnic, your family and friends and your good vibes to enjoy the sweet sounds of Eloise Madison.
Eloise Madison is a nineteen-year-old Australian Musician originating from Busselton, WA, writing, creating and performing a soulful mix of country and pop.  .Eloise has recorded and released two singles, ‘The Voices’ & ‘Daisies’ while also releasing her debut EP ‘EXHALE’ featuring her lead single, ‘Highway Goodbye’, on September 1st 2021.  Eloise has been busking since the age of sixteen but playing guitar since she was six.
In early 2021, Eloise also participated in the Battle of the Bands event in Busselton, WA, claiming third place.
“My dream as an artist will always be to share my heart for music to inspire, encourage and help others express their emotions, ultimately creating a safe place for being understood.”