Tanya Ransom @ Settlers Tavern

Sunday, 16th January 2022 - 3:00pm to 6:00pm


Tanya Ransom weaves her signature sound of folk blues and alt country, pulling heavy on the heartstrings. The Broome songwriter was Awarded WAM 2020 Regional Act of the year and recipient of the 2020 Nannup Music Festival Directors Award.

Her latest EP ‘Breakdown To Breakthrough’ is continuing to gain momentum, with tracks added to high rotation on Double J and ABC Radio across the country. The new works are a collection of songs that explore the intricate emotions of the human condition. Ransom’s performances holds audiences attentive with her unassuming warmth and personality, leaving you yearning for more.

“Wise, accomplished, honest music that’s worth taking a moment to absorb. You won’t regret it.” – Dan Condon, Double J

“Tanya’s voice, like that of Tracy McNeil and Liz Stringer, inhabits the sweet spot between tough and tender. It’s weathered and learned and you get a real sense that she’s either lived the scenarios she’s singing of or she knows someone who has.” – Chris Familton, Doubtful Sounds/Post To Wire

Tanya’s songs deliver hope for those that have been through tough times. There is soul-searching that leads to self-growth, and these narratives are deftly woven with some fabulous musicianship… A constant through each of the tracks is Tanya’s vocals, which grip and deliver their truth with strength and clarity.” – Bruce Baker, Au Review

“Tanya’s songs feel like a deep dive into a time, place and sentiment. Her lyrics are flowering vignettes seeking to make sense of the complexities of the human condition.” – Danielle Caruana, Mama Kin