It’s one of those clear and bity Margaret River Region winter mornings as I turn east onto Rosa Brook Road. I’m setting aim for Jesters Flat, a working equestrian farm and vineyard around 15 minutes’ drive from Margaret River town. As I’m driving on the Southern backroads it quickly strikes me, no wonder visitors speak about memories made here for years to come. It’s a serene place.

Having passed a bunch of vineyards and fertile paddocks, I arrive at Paul Brennan and Fiona Flugge’s Jesters Flat. As if taken from a Western film, an old saddle is resting on the timber gate as an ornament, signalling I’m at the right place.

“Fiona told me to come down and tackle any of your curlier questions,” Paul laughs, making it around the corner in his worn-in Akubra hat. I don’t pretend to hide my curiosity; Jesters Flat’s been on my wish-list for a long time.

With a wealth of local knowledge and wit, Paul tells me fascinating stories about Jesters Flat, Jester himself (the horse on which the business’ namesake relies), his late pet kangaroo Rosie, and more. “We better move over here,” he says and points to a spot next to a giant treehouse. The stories are so captivating I’ve hardly noticed I’m standing in the middle of the firepit smoke.

“Guests can enjoy a bottle of our wine up there after the ride, the treehouse’s got a great view!” Questioning if I heard that right, after an hour of good chat, Paul disappears around the same corner he came from.

“Here, enjoy our wine when you get home, the story of Jester is on the back of it too.” I kindly accept, for research purposes only of course.

Read on for more of Paul and Fiona’s local favourites, and book in for a bush ride at Jesters Flat from mid-August onwards.

Jesters flat

Where's your favourite beach?

During summertime, it’d have to be the Margaret River Mouth. It’s great for swimming for the family.


Where do you always take your visitors?

I always take them to my favourite place which is just up the road from here (in Rosa Brook), The Berry Farm. We can actually ride our horses there which is great. The Boranup Forest too, we can do a stunning ride through there, and I’d take them to Augusta and Lake Cave as well, all for its sheer beauty.


Top three local food experiences?

Jesters Flat Horse Riding Campfire

Best fun to be had in the region without spending a cent?

Enjoying the beach, that’s a no-brainer. Redgate beach is another one of my favourites.


Favourite time of the year?

Autumn. It’s just cracking with its dry, cool nights, and balmy, warm days. But then again winter is beautiful. The creeks and rivers are running, there are orchids out there in the bush… just a beautiful time of the year too.


Best place to watch the sunset?

Riding my horse heading west from Jesters Flat, when the sunset come between my horse’s ears.

The staircase leading up to the treehouse. Image: Supplied

What’s the most magical about experiencing the region on horseback?

You get it all here. For example, we sometimes do beach rides up Busselton-way, and it’s a long, fairly flat beach stretch, about 11km or so. We take horses and visitors there to swim and enjoy themselves in the shallow water. We usually come across dolphins, and they’re swimming as close as next to the horses’ legs. That’s always magical, and I dare say, quite unique about this region too.


You can't leave the Margaret River Region without...

A ride at Jesters Flat! Checking out the caves, beaches and wineries – especially Brown Hill Estate here in Rosa Brook, that’s an extraordinary winery.

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