Barn Hives

Star 4.9 (19 Google reviews)

Barn Hives is a self-sustainable eco-luxury tourist destination in the middle of unspoiled nature of Margaret River region.
Whether you’re looking for an adventure, relaxing break, spend a honeymoon or simply to wind down in nature, Barn Hives eco-friendly pods invites you to experience nature, restaurant and surroundings, in the premium way while leaving minimum print to the Earth. Situated within the incredible Smith's white sand beach situated only a few minutes away while central to all amenities Margaret River is offering. 

The name of the Barn Hives (Eco Pods) comes from Barnyard Bees farm, their bee’s hives spread around the property. When they think of a hive, they simply think of a natural piece of construction. But adding a little touch of the modern, they get a mix of new and old, with a link between nature, landscape and ecological sustainability. It’s a reference to the conservation tourism concept which Barnyard Farm is all about. 

Barn Hives were constructed with maximum care for the environment. Guided by nature, evolved with aesthetic passion, and fortified by an all-encompassing sustainable philosophy, it is a masterpiece of forward-thinking flair. 

The industrial contemporary design architecture of Barn Hives is inspired to be bold, optimistic, and distinctly of this place while at the same time materials and colours were chosen to make it blend naturally into the landscape. The shape of the pods provides a wonderful top view of the vineyard surroundings, giving guests even closer experience of living in the hive proximity with nature. 

Special attention has been paid to sunlight and cross-ventilation to achieve comfort without the use of harsh mechanical implements. Water is collected from rainfall and heated by solar panels making it self-sustainable. With a pallet fire heater during the chilly winter days and fans for summer. 

Barn Hives aims to prove that hospitality and environmental conservation can coexist to create a unique and positive experience. Create more, consume less; embrace every opportunity to learn and improve; be innovative and committed; inspire others to positive change; and always look to nature, a richness of experience without over-consumption– that is their philosophy. 

Barn Hives was designed for adults, whether they be couples, friends, siblings, mother and daughter or just travelling solo, so it’s rare to bump into a guest who is under 18. Their team will always be happy to discuss any exceptions!


Barn Hives

12 Canal Rocks Rd, Yallingup WA 628208, Australia


Star 4.9 (19 Google reviews)
Roger Yap 24 April 2024

Tranquil Retreat Amidst Nature's Canvas Nestled in the heart of Margaret River's picturesque landscape, Barn Hives Yallingup is a haven for travelers seeking serenity and comfort. My recent stay at this charming cabin was nothing short of delightful, leaving me eager to share my experience. From the moment of arrival, it was evident that attention to detail is a hallmark of Barn Hives. The cabin is not only fully equipped but also exudes a rustic charm that seamlessly blends with its natural surroundings. The gas BBQ provided a perfect opportunity to savor locally sourced delicacies, enhancing our culinary adventures. However, the true highlight of our stay was the mesmerizing starlit nights. Three evenings in a row, my wife and I were treated to a celestial spectacle, immersing ourselves in the tranquil beauty of the night sky. It was a rare and unforgettable experience that added an extra layer of magic to our trip. Barn Hives Yallingup offers more than just accommodation; it provides a gateway to reconnect with nature and create lasting memories. Whether you're a couple seeking a romantic getaway or a family yearning for adventure, this hidden gem promises an unforgettable journey through Margaret River's enchanting landscape.

Cara Withnell 11 April 2024

Barn Hives you were amazing! Beautiful scenery, amazing location and thoughtful use of space. We can’t wait to come back! Have everything you need and more! Have absolutely nothing bad to say about this place. Super impressed😃

Clint Vick 22 November 2023

Oh barn hives how we miss you… After some research into the area my wife and I decided on the barn hives to stay in while we were in Margaret River from the US for our honeymoon. The hive was super clean and lot more spacious than I originally thought. It comes with a projector, a speaker for the house, tons of kitchenware and many other features like a bbq on the porch and some great chairs; and also a complimentary wine from their vineyard(👍🏻). We got barn hive #1 and our view from the porch is of a little field and some trees which you can see in the video. I could write a lot more about the property and the hive but the gist of the review is if you’re in the area and looking for somewhere to stay, I couldn’t recommend it more.

Joel Keane 13 July 2023

Thoroughly enjoyed our stay here. The accommodation is amazing and the owners have thought of everything when designing it. The deck is the perfect way to relax and enjoy a glass of wine taking in the beautiful surroundings. I have never stayed somewhere that is so well insulated and sound-proofed. All the doors and windows are double glazed so you can completely relax and enjoy a great sleep in :) We will definitely be returning.