Winter jackets at Jesters Flat. Credit Rachel Claire

‘Tis the season of hidden adventures.

The hectic holiday crowds are gone, the landscape is a lush and verdant green, and brooks, creeks, rivers, and waterfalls are running high. Winter is a time when you can experience the region’s natural beauty at its peak, and for those hardy enough to brave the elements, these adventure tours are the best way to immerse yourself in winter glory.

EcoAdventures Electric Quad Bike Tours


Ecoadventures’ unique electric quad-bike tour is one of the ultimate ways to experience ancient beauty of the Forest Grove Trails. These converted electric quad bikes are the first of their kind in the world, and are sustainable and highly efficient with no heath, noise, or emissions. They are that silent; you can hear the forest, but the forest can’t hear you.

The bikes are also equipped with an iPad mini that brings prehistoric mega-fauna to life.  Take an 18km trip through a Jurassic Park like scene on a 21st century vehicle.

Whale watching tour - Credit Tourism Australia and Scott Slawinski

Whale Watching

All year round being out on the water is a fantastic experience in the Margaret River Region, but during winter and spring there is the added bonus of getting to see whales! Departing twice daily from Augusta between June to August, local whale watching tours include experienced commentators who can educate you on the whales and their migratory patterns.

Hank Durlik, Margaret River Exposed Tours. Credit Tim Campbell

Margaret River Exposed

Born the son of a local forest ranger, Hank Durlik knows many of Margaret River’s abundant secrets. At Margaret River Exposed, his Black Point Discovery tour is designed to share the regions hidden and most photogenic gems with a lucky few. This off-road adventure tour explores the wild southern coast and old-growth forests, all from the luxury of Hank’s four-wheel-drive.

Throw in an amazing local produce gourmet picnic lunch and a stopover at a local boutique winery, and you’ve got a ticket to sample some of nature’s finest.

Horse Riding Tours Vineyards

The Horse Resort

Touring by horse has got to be the most serene and immersive way of experiencing the Margaret River Region’s natural glory.  At The Horse Resort, an expansive bush property, you can soak in the trickling of creeks and brooks and swaying grass, all to the entrancing beat and sway of horse steps.

The Horse Resort is about teaching horsemanship, which is built upon the founding principles of kindness and understanding.  The guided ride through the lovely paddocks and bush trails of the property are safe and well controlled, but also a ton of fun with the freedom to ride at your capability level.

Another great option is Jesters Flat, who offer a range of tour options from short beginner bush rides right through to multi-day treks through different parts of the region.

Koomal Dreaming Cape Cultural Tours

Koomal Dreaming

If there is anyone attuned to all the moods and seasons of the region, it’s local Wadandi man, Josh Whiteland.  Josh’s ancestors have occupied this place for up to 60,000 years, and at Koomal Dreaming, Josh draws on millennia of historical and traditional knowledge to create a deep connection and lasting memories in his guests.

These Aboriginal interpretive experiences along the spectacular capes and coastline show visitors what the seasons means to the Wadandi people, and how integral it is to the prosperity of the land and its peoples.  Learn through stories the interconnected ecology of the plants, the sea, the animals, the fish, the rivers, and why the past is ever present to this land’s traditional custodians.

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