Amazing Grace is a Wedge-tailed Eagle and resident at Eagles Heritage, a 29-acre sanctuary dedicated to the care and rehabilitation of injured, orphaned and displaced birds of prey. Like most of the birds at Eagles Heritage, Amazing Grace arrived wounded and in urgent need of care. He was found in a paddock near Meekatharra, young, vulnerable, and completely blind. For 15 years, founder Phil Pain provided the necessary care to nurture and rehabilitate Amazing Grace back to health, and he has since regained 80% of his vision.

I can’t quite take my eyes off him. He is majestic, inquisitive and just like all of the birds at Eagles Heritage, he has a unique tale to tell.

Amazing Grace
Meet one of Eagles Heritage's favourite residents, Wedge-tailed Eagle Amazing Grace. Photo: Holly Winkle

Phil and Kathy Pain established Eagles Heritage in 1987, and for over 30 years, they rescued, rehabilitated, and released several hundred birds of prey and raised awareness about the importance of birds of prey among thousands of visitors. For the birds that were unable to return to the wild, Phil provided them with refuge, care, and a permanent home, amidst the tranquil native bushland of Eagles Heritage in Margaret River.

Phil and Kathy’s exceptional commitment to conservation and education continues with the Capes Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to sustaining their legacy and continuing the ongoing protection and preservation of birds of prey.

More than sixty birds of prey call Eagles Heritage their permanent home, and a self-guided journey along the Birds of Prey Forest Walk will introduce you to most of them.

Eagles Heritage Forest Walk
Enjoy a self-guided journey along the Birds of Prey Forest Walk. Photo: Anna Froederberg

Nestled under towering Eucalypts and surrounded by a rich diversity of native plants and wildflowers, Amazing Grace’s home is the first of many humble abodes dotted along the walk trail. Owls, eagles, falcons and hawks are each provided with a unique environment designed to meet their individual lifestyle requirements, offering visitors a rare and extraordinary opportunity to encounter these magnificent birds of prey up close.

As the trail gracefully meanders through the sanctuary, visitors have the privilege of meeting a diverse range of birdlife, including Annie the Peregrine Falcon, a species renowned for being the world’s fastest animal. This remarkable bird receives ongoing care for the injuries to her wing. Further along, and keeping a watchful eye on every visitor, is Mrs. Brown and Mr. Bebe, the Black-breasted Buzzards. They keenly observe onlookers from their meticulously adorned nest constructed with sticks and fresh greenery.

Continuing along the trail, you’ll soon encounter the elusive owls and frogmouths. Behold the Tawny Frogmouths – Huey, Louie and Dewey – showcasing their mastery of disguise by effortlessly masquerading as branches and seamlessly blending into their surroundings. The bush resonates with a rhythmic duet of Barking Owls as Woofer serenades and tenderly tends to his partner, Twisty. Despite Twisty’s injuries from a car collision, there is hope for potential offspring in the future. The vital breeding programs hold promise for yet another successful season. With Barn Owls and Lesser Sooty Owls laying on eggs and Grey Goshawks roosting in their purpose-built hollows.

Josh with Tawny Frogmouth
Say hi to the fascinating and adorable Tawny Frogmouths. Photo: Holly Winkle

Joining a Bird of Prey Encounter presents you with the opportunity to see the Black Kites Pele, Baby and John as they soar, plunge and weave through the air, confidently exhibiting their impressive agility during the free flight display. You’ll also meet one of the majestic resident owls in person, Booey the Boobook Owl, Snowy the albino Lesser Sooty Owl, or Alby and Ivy the Barn Owls. You will learn about their unique adaptations and extraordinary abilities in an informative talk from one of the birds’ passionate carers.

Eagles Heritage stands as a testament to the unwavering resilience and dedication of individuals who work tirelessly to ensure the ongoing protection of birds of prey. These remarkable apex predators are not only astounding to encounter and observe but also play a vital role in maintaining the ecological balance of our natural world. Eagles Heritage actively addresses the challenges faced by birds of prey through ongoing rehabilitation and release programs, species-specific breeding initiatives, research, and education programs.

By supporting the conservation efforts of Eagles Heritage and raising awareness about the importance of protecting birds of prey, we can collectively make a significant difference in the survival of these species and the preservation of their habitats. Your visit to Eagles Heritage directly contributes to the ongoing rehabilitation, conservation, and education initiatives dedicated to protecting and preserving birds of prey. To learn more about Eagles Heritage and the Capes Foundation, please visit Eagles Heritage and The Capes Foundation.

Birds of Prey Encounter
Get close with the beautiful raptors at a Birds of Prey Encounter. Photo: Holly Winkle

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