Injidup Beach

From the renowned bay in Yallingup to the soft and unchartered sands of Deepdene, there’s a lot to the Margaret River Region coastline that you may be yet to discover.

Whether you enjoy quiet and tranquil or high energy and adrenalin, you’ll meet your equivalent in sand and salt somewhere along this spectacular coastline.

Secret Swimming Spots Yallingup
Yallingup Beach - Photo Jinna Yang


You’re always the first one to be hit on at parties.  Popular, egregious, and everyone’s favourite, you can’t help but to be the centre of attention.  You probably have a lot of social media followers, and are often surrounded by a large group of friends.

But that’s not to say you compromise yourself to suit others; you know how to tailor your tone to suit the crowd.  You’re friendly with families and dogs, revellers and surfers, walkers, swimmers, and you know which part of you to present at any given moment.

But with popularity comes prejudice, and lots of people believe common rumours about you.  They believe that your name means Place of Love, but really, that was concocted when you were first established as a honeymoon destination.  Some even accuse you of being a social butterfly, but you can’t help it.  It’s who you are, and everyone loves you for it.

Rocky Point

You’re fundamentally different to everybody else.  For a start, you face the opposite direction to almost every other beach on the coast, looking back East instead of to the conventional West.

Tucked away from the hype around the corner at Meelup, you’re one to reject popular nightspots and restaurants in favour of more quiet and intimate experience.

There is a touch of class and eloquence about you too.  You can see it in your dress sense. Where the others are jagged limestone and an unrelenting ocean, you’re smooth and worn granite, softly sloping sand, and calm aquamarine blues.   To that end, you probably appreciate classical music, and prefer walking or a night at the theatre to the pub.

Injidup Beach
Injidup Beach

Injidup Beach

Your natural beauty goes deep beyond the surface.  You don’t like the attention too much, but you can’t help but being noticed anyway.

Everyone holds you in high regard ever since Instagram became a thing, but you don’t really care.  You find the social media world to be shallow, and the likes are just numbers on the screen.

You prioritise substance over style, but understand they must coexist. You know how to keep it real, and you’re a true and reliable friend; once the crowds dissipate, the hullabaloo dies down, and winter rolls around, you’re still there for all the surfers.


You might be the youngest and most submissive of your family, but that doesn’t faze you. Wedged between two bolshy siblings of reef, there is a calm, placating nature to you. For that reason, you’re a safe favourite among families and visitors.

You’re also generous and happy to help people learn, whereas others around you are inhospitable and aggressive towards the inexperienced.  There is a nurturing side to you, and in the summer months, a lifeguard station is beside you to protect those who may come to harm.

But you don’t let people take advantage of you.  Sometimes, after the most violent of winter storms when rain has swollen your river to breaking point, you’re liable to break your bank and gush a torrent of freezing water out at your assailants.  You’re patient, but perilous when pushed to your edge.

Surfers Point Margaret River
Surfers Point - Photo Elements Margaret River

Surfers Point

You consider yourself a pillar of your community. You’re renowned for reliability among your mates, and offer rideable waves for surfers in swells of anywhere between two and twenty feet.

You’re the founding beach of the region’s tourism industry, and you’ve quietly undergone profound growth in recent years.  Back when surfers were just a fleck on the foot of the farming town, you provided a safe haven for them to camp at, and quick and easy feed from your calm limestone lagoon.

But in recent years, you’ve received a facelift.  It might be the result of a mid-life crisis, but the growth has been vital for you, and you’ve established yourself as the epicentre of the region.  No matter what infrastructure upgrades you receive, deep down your still the same and it’s for that authenticity that everyone admires you.


There is a mystical element to you that no one can quite put their finger on.  People are often in awe of you, but they can’t quite work out why.

It might be because you offer things that few others in the area can provide, like sand bottom waves on a craggy limestone coast.  It might be the abundance of caves and towering Karri forest that stop people in their tracks.

It might be any number of things, but no one is really sure.  You’re full of surprises, and no one knows for sure how you really work.

Deepdene - Photo Tom De Souza / Stories from the Scenic Route


You don’t really stand out in a crowd.  In fact, most people don’t even know that you’re there, and that is to their own detriment.

But once people do get to know you, they’re often astounded at the length and breadth of your personality.  There are so many different parts to you, and each is constantly evolving.  Long, calm, and smooth at the Northern end; violent, rocky, and mostly inaccessible to the South.  In fact, you’re so vast and variable that most can’t comprehend the whole you.

You’re quiet and observant, and you prioritise loyalty over all else.  People cross you at their peril.  Your sands are soft and treacherous, and have been known to shatter the morale of even the hardiest walkers.

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