Margaret River E-Bike Tour Credit Tim Campbell

You’ve got one day in the Margaret River Region and you want to ensure you make the most of your time.

What to pick? Outdoor activity, wining and dining, an afternoon of gallery hopping or a guided tour? Well you can do all of the above in just one day on an e-bike tour, with The Ultimate Ride to Wine and Dine.

Margaret River Mountain Biking Tours Credit Tim Campbell

An Intro to E-Bike Tours

I team up with Margaret River Mountain Bike Tours Michael ‘Brooksey’ Brookes, and his partner Di to discover first-hand how the e-bike tour unfolds. The bikes are loaded onto the back of the car and, I’m handed my helmet and gloves by the grinning Brooksey.

“It’s a very personal tour, it’s not a group tour. Every ride is unique, depending on our customers. By the end of the ride it usually ends with a hug goodbye, it’s like they have been out riding with friends. We get all ages and all demographics, from hardcore fitness fanatics to total foodies. The last guy we had – I would imagine he was a billionaire – and he was really impressed with it.”

Cape to Cape MTB Mountain Bike Riding Track

Taking In The Stunning Scenery

I’m pretty relieved it’s an e-bike tour, to be honest, as I know what some of those coastal hills we are heading to are like. Brooksey can see the relief on my face. “It’s a relatively flat and downhill route, we cruise down the hills not up them! Really, it’s an e-bike (electric bike) experience. We do have high end, dual suspension bikes available but most people do think they’re fitter than what they are.”

Cruising down to our starting point, the sight of a ‘dangerous coast’ sign gives a little adrenaline kick. Gazing out at the aquamarine of the water, the azure blue of the sky and the white sand of the limestone rocks, it’s easy to see why this is where the day begins.

“The colour is what gets people when the first come down here. The contrast of colour from Caves Road to the coastal blue, white limestone. They can’t believe how fresh the air is, and how diverse the environment is. The microsystems we go through range from granite rock to coastal heath, through to bushland, the karri forest and finishing up in the surrounding farmlands down a rolling gravel road to Leeuwin Estate’s vineyards. In one day, you see and breathe it all in.”

Margaret River E-Bike Tour Credit Tim Campbell

Serenity Of Boranup Forest

As we ride down the coastline and into the canopy of Boranup forest, there’s a real sense of tranquillity. And that’s not just because being on an e-bike tour means the push of a button is seriously helping with my peddle power. “Our guests just love the emptiness here. Many come from big cities, and to ride a bike for a few hours with only the wildlife and majestic karri trees for company – it’s something they just haven’t experienced before.”

Cruising through the beautiful scenery, there are plenty of stops for water and snacks and to share the history of the region along with the intricacies of the ecosystems, the flora and the fauna. There’s even a few bush tucker tips; however I’m getting my taste buds ready for the final stop at Leeuwin Estate.

Gourmet Delights & Iconic Art

The entrance has some serious wow factor, not least because it isn’t usually open to the public. Stepan Libricky, Leeuwin Estate’s hospitality manager agrees. “The arrival through the vineyards is really one of the biggest ‘wow’ moments,” he says. “The whole venue has been designed for access through the gardens, but when you arrive from behind the estate, down through the slope of the vineyard approaching the majestic wall of karri trees, it opens up to the full Leeuwin estate in all of its glory. It’s the start of a fantastic afternoon.”

After the grand entry, I’ve been treated to a private tour of Leeuwin Estate’s art gallery, including the stories behind some of the most iconic Art Series labels, before tasting the wine itself in a unique guided flight. “Part of the whole experience is the food and wine pairing,” says Stepan. “It introduces five iconic wines of Leeuwin with their best matched food. It’s fun! It’s not a stubborn, old fashioned tasting. It’s inclusive and educational.”

“I really think that it combines all the things that the Margaret River Region is famous for. The nature, from the ocean to the forest provides adrenalin and excitement; it’s the pure pleasure of being active. And then some of the world’s best wines and food in a softly luxurious setting that is not pretentious. When you finish at 3.30pm you feel like you have had a range of jam packed excitement on a one day e-bike tour.”

As I am dropped back off at my car, I agree whole heartedly. I feel like I’ve had an entire holiday in one day; those views over the coast this morning feel like a lifetime ago. Brooksey has the last word, “It’s one of the best days you can have in WA”.