Yalgardup (Kevill Road East) Falls

Star 4.3 (307 Google reviews)

Yalgardup Falls, also known as Kevill Road Waterfall is just a five minute drive west of Margaret River. This waterfall is not tall, but it is wide, and the thundering flow of water over the rocks makes it an exciting place to visit after the winter rains. At other times of the year, when the flow reduces to a gentle stream, you can rock-hop or walk right across the river.
Yalgardup Falls is located on Kevill Road, off Walcliffe Road. As this is not a well-known tourist spot there is no signpost, but the waterfall is visible from the road near the pull-over bay/ parking area.

Keep an eye out for kangaroos in this area! There are usually lots of them on or beside the road, especially in the early morning or late afternoon.


Yalgardup (Kevill Road East) Falls

Kevill Road Waterfall, Margaret River WA, Australia


Star 4.3 (307 Google reviews)
Alf Hofstetter 19 November 2023

Definitely not a sensational waterfall, especially now as the water flow is low. But it is a very nice cooling spot. Easy accessible, carpark directly connected. It feels free and easy, very quiet with the nature’s sound of water, birds creates a peaceful restful environment.

TJ Singh 26 November 2023

Hidden place, need to search on google for this spot. Visited in summer, there wasn’t that much water or waterfalls but tiny once. Can take few good shots.

M_T “Marg” 22 October 2023

Visiting the Kevill waterfall at Margaret River was an awesome experience. The perfect, cooling weather enhanced the beauty of this place, making it a truly stunning destination to visit.

Trevor Holland 27 September 2023

What a great surprise the Kevill Road Waterfalls are Margaret River has many great spots to visit and this group of water falls is just another beautiful sight It is actually the Margaret River and it’s such an amazing sight certainly worth a visit and a great stop for lunch Just down the river toward the coast you can go on a canoe tour down to the coast line what a great way to spend the day with the family