Ambergate Nature Reserve & Walk Trail

Star 4.6 (48 Google reviews)

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Ambergate Nature Reserve & Walk Trail

Open 24 Hours
Located just 9km from the centre of Busselton, near the corner of Doyle Rd and Queen Elizabeth Ave. The trailhead and parking area is located on the left side of the road if travelling south along Queen Elizabeth Ave from Busselton. The trail is a 4km loop walk.
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Ambergate Reserve is a 75-hectare regional park which protects the remnants of scrubland and woodlands once common along the coastal plains of Busselton. The reserve is ablaze with wildflowers in spring - but at any time of the year the 4km loop walk trail offers the visitor a chance to observe an amazing variety of plants and wildlife.
Over 360 plant species have been recorded at Ambergate Reserve. From tall trees and shrubs such as marri, jarrah, peppermints, banksia and snottygobble, to creepers and ground covers - and 26 species of orchid! 

Many animal species inhabit the reserve, and while some are active during the day, many others are only seen at night, while ‘spotlighting’. Mammal inhabitants include kangaroos, quendas, brush-tailed possums, ringtail possums, bats, wallabies and echidnas. There are also species of frog, and many reptiles like legless lizards, snakes, geckos and skinks. 

The enormous variety of birds found here includes tree martins, rainbow bee-eaters, wood swallows, parrots, lorikeets, cockatoos, honeyeaters, wood ducks, heron, black swans, ibis, boobooks, kites, falcons and tawny frogmouths. The birdlife varies greatly by season, with the reserve being used by many migratory species. 

When visiting the reserve it is important to follow the path and adhere to all signage. To prevent the spread of the dieback fungus that threatens native plant species in the South West, visitors are asked to use the footwear cleaning stations at the entrance to the trail and at the junctions.  


Ambergate Nature Reserve & Walk Trail

988 Queen Elizabeth Ave, Chapman Hill WA 6280, Australia


Star 4.6 (48 Google reviews)
Chris Hawkins 14 September 2023

Pleasant walk along clear trails. Wildflower and plant ID and information signs at various points. Parking available off the road, with an information booth at the entrance. No cost to enter.

Ivon Robson 17 November 2023

Nice walk not too long with many tall black boys..grass trees.

Emily Keye 10 September 2022

This is a nice track and area to walk and it has a lot to offer in variety of nature to see, but the path is so overgrown almost the whole way around that it is much less enjoyable. You are constantly walking through branches and spikes and getting scratched up. The whole loop is 3.9km around. Plenty of car parking spaces and you can cut the loop short by coming back along the roads. The boot cleaning stations are OK but some are broken. We were there at the start of spring and saw some nice flowers. 🌼 🌸 🌻 There are no toilets. 🚻 There are benches along the trail to sit and rest and enjoy the nature. Be wary of the many honky nuts that are quite slippery on the ground.

Brekky - 23 September 2023

Great reserve to spot wildflowers, enjoyable and easy walk, no trouble to follow the path, plenty of flowers to see in spring.

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