Alchemy Saunas

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Alchemy Saunas Busselton NOW OPEN - memberships available for $30 per week UNLIMITED sessions or $20 casual sessions

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Alchemy Saunas

Wednesday through Friday 6am-10am and 3pm-7pm Saturday and Sunday 6am-7pm
Brown Street, Busselton just in front of the Skate Park on the Foreshore
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A Simple Mission Alchemy Saunas aims to deliver the extraordinary benefits of saunas to individuals and businesses. They are passionate about the ability of saunas to enhance both physical and mental health, improve recovery times and build community. Revitalising Body and Mind Saunas have been utilised for centuries as a simple, natural way to improve health and wellbeing. Regular sauna use has been shown to have a number of benefits for your physical and mental health, from aiding in muscle recovery to reducing stress.
Stamina and Recovery Time
Heat treatments have well-known benefits in both muscle recovery and improved training results, at any fitness level. Regular sauna sessions increase stamina and boost the production of hormones and proteins that are vital for muscle growth and resilience.
Stress Reduction
A sauna offers a quiet, tranquil retreat from the world where you can relax and recharge. Regular sauna use also supports your body’s natural stress regulation processes. Raising your core temperature reduces the levels of cortisol (the ‘stress hormone’) in your system while at the same time releasing feel-good endorphins.
Cardiovascular Function
Using a sauna dilates blood vessels and increases blood flow to the skin, helping regulate blood pressure and improve circulation. Regular sessions have a direct, positive impact on cardiovascular function and heart health – and the benefits increase the more often you go.
Mental Health
Beyond the immediate ‘bliss’ state, regular sauna use has a positive stabilising effect on mood-regulating hormones. With only a few sessions per week, saunas can reduce the symptoms of depression and anxiety, with preventative benefits lasting for several weeks.
Sleep and Relaxation
A sauna routine is a great way to improve the quality of your sleep. As your body cools after a session, it releases tension through your entire muscular system and allows you to return to a true resting state. This reduces levels of ‘hyper-alertness’ and can help restore a healthy sleep cycle.


Alchemy Saunas

Brown St, Busselton WA 6280, Australia


Star 5.0 (5 Google reviews)
T R 14 October 2023

My partner and I had an incredible experience at Alchemy Sauna Busselton this morning. The view from inside the sauna is stunning and when you get too hot you can step outside and dip the beautiful waters of the bay. Staff super friendly and chatty, all round good vibe. We have felt super relaxed ever since!

Ailish Jury 14 October 2023

Loved the sauna on the busselton beachfront today! So easy to go in and out of the ocean to sauna! Everyone was really helpful and nice and can’t wait to go again soon. Definitely will be going weekly !

Jamie-lee James 15 October 2023

Beautiful view, helpful staff, and the most refreshing experience! We enjoyed the full hour by jumping into the ocean for a quick dip three times in between the sauna. This was a great way to start the weekend.

Darryl Carter 23 October 2023

The only thing better than the idea of a sauna on the beach, is the execution by Alchemy Saunas. Great work guys, thanks heaps, we will be back!

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