Yoga and Therapy with Amber

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Need to restore and come back to your heart? Yoga and Therapy with Amber's offerings are based on Yoga, Meditation, Cranio-Sacral Therapy and Sound Massage. Enjoy private sessions, events and retreats. Including tailor-made offerings to suit your holiday or occasion! Check out the upcoming offerings, or contact Amber directly to tailor-make a private session; Whether it is for you, you and your partner, or if you have a group of friends and family - Amber would love to cater a self love nurturing offering to guide you back home to your heart and soul. Be prepared for a blissful experience.
Amber is an enthusiastic, creative and present Yoga Teacher who offers a mindful and honest practice with the combination of energetic work.

She began her yoga journey in 2011. Amber is passionate about authentic teaching. She practices and studies Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Iyneger and Yin along with Vipassana, Qi Gong, Cranio-sacral, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Mobility and Dance.

She aspires to learn as much as she can, from all styles, teachings and techniques related to yoga and meditation, in order to create a great toolbox to help others and herself in any situation and at any stage. 

Amber sees yoga as a spiritual way to use physicality to tap deeper into one's soul, and clear the mind while healing her/his body. Yoga for her is a daily practice, on and off the mat, of how to be, how to live more lovingly, kindly, and compassionately with all living beings.

Amber is a Biodynamic Cranio Sacral Therapist, which is a touch based therapy. She combines it intuitively with the beautiful therapy of Sound Massage (Therapeutic grade sound bowls and gong on and around the body), the vibrations of the sound bowls and gong as well as the Cranio Sacral therapy are soothing and relaxing. They seem very subtle and gentle on the surface level but both modalities go very deep, and bring the client into a deep relaxation, as well as releasing old pattern of behaviours, traumas, and other deep physical / mental stress.

Amber guides meditation silent retreats around the world and in Margaret River, as well as hosting events such as Full Moon Yin Yoga, Cranio-Sacral and Sound events for women & Yin and Sound for surfers (both along with her friend and teacher Ute Coleman), Asana Workshops, and private events to suit any occasion.

2016 YTT 200 - Santosha Bali.
2017 25 intensive with Maty Ezraty
2017 Yin Teacher Training - Noga Weiss
2019 - 2020 Ongoing Training Biodynamic Cranio Sacral Therapy with Chris Skidemore and Adolf Brown
2021 Peter Hess Sound Massage ​
Since 2021 - Ongoing Live & Online practice & courses with Matthew Sweeney - Vinyasa Krama Mandiram ​
Great amount of workshops around the world with great teachers ​
Daily Practice since 2011



Yoga and Therapy with Amber

Dempster Dr, Witchcliffe WA 6286, Australia


Star 5.0 (2 Google reviews)
gal h 19 December 2023

Amber is such a wonderful therapist. I was dealing with pain and she helped me to recover and find inner peace. The space is so calming and beautiful. It was truly a healing experience. I totally recommend!

florencia moratorio 22 June 2023

Trying to gather some thoughts and feelings about a wonderful yoga journey in which I’ve embarked myself last year with Amber. I’ll start by mentioning how beautifully harmonious the place and ambience were set up, from the beginning of the journey I felt welcomed, at home and peace with myself and the women practicing next to me. We started with a Qi Gong practice followed by a nutritious chat about the astrological moment we were living which already helped opening up myself and creating a clear intention for the practice and meditation, we continued by slow movements as we went through the calm summer evening and it all just accompanied perfectly to open up myself into deeper thoughts and questioning old beliefs. As we dived deeper into a meditative state, following the sound healing vibrations, I had one of the biggest awakenings of my life, had a strong connection with my inner guide and always felt loved and supported. I guess after that practice, I had to go through a couple of weeks of journaling to understand what the practice and meditation were showing me, but always had that evening near my heart, as it was the first awakening moment that was showing me the path for big changes in my life. Amber thanks for the love, the connection and the support. Cannot recommend the Luminate journey and the retreats enough. Just a little recommendation, come with an open heart and be ready to surrender, as big movements happen on its own when we allow it to speak through us.

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