Cassandra Charlick

Cassandra Charlick wears a multitude of hats – freelance travel writer, photographer, wine explorer and a jazz singer to name a few.

When she isn’t gallivanting across the country on assignment, you’ll find her in Margaret River – where she calls home.

Cassandra shared some of her favourites with us.

Cassandra Charlick

What's Your Favourite Beach?

I have to admit, I’m not much of a swimmer! I do love a paddle in the shallows of Meelup Beach though, and every-time I hit the bend in the road above Rivermouth I feel my shoulders drop and my breath deepen.


Where Do You Always Take Your Visitors?

It really depends what they are interested in. Without a doubt, I’ll always include a gentle stroll through one of the many trails around the Margaret River town centre, along with a trip down towards Boranup Forest. I’m a firm believer that indulgence tastes so much better after working up a bit of a sweat! If my guests are foodies, I’ll be sure to hit the Margaret River Farmers Markets, along with lunch at one of the fabulous winery restaurants nearby. You can’t really go past the wine list at Settlers Tavern for variety by the glass, and a Sunday afternoon at Brewhouse after a mountain bike ride is always filled with plenty of laughter. Pizzica is great for dinner, and feels like a little piece of Italy.


Top Three Local Food Experiences?

Definitely be sure to stroll around the Farmers Markets and take the time to actually chat with producers. They have the best cooking and produce storage tips! Chows Table provides a different type of lunch to what most other restaurants in the region offer, and it’s awesome with a group of friends or family as it really is sharing food. It’s hard to just pick three experiences! I have to say, I have a real sweet tooth, so savouring the dessert course is a favourite part of a meal for me. I am always blown away by how incredible and intelligent the dessert offerings are at the winery restaurants here. Cullen’s Chardonnay Block honey mousse is divine, and I’ve had plate-licking desserts recently at Voyager, Leeuwin and Xanadu too.


Your Personal Wine Recommendation?

Everyone has a different palate, so I always suggest to drink what you enjoy; but have an open mind to try something new. Obviously Margaret River is renowned for our Chardonnay and Cab Sav, but there are some delicious alternative varieties popping up and winemakers doing interesting things with the grapes. Many people find Cabernet Sauvignon a bit too heavy for lunchtime drinking, and for the warmer months, so it’s great to see some lighter styles emerging using this grape variety.


Best Fun Without Spending a Cent?


Favourite Time of Year?

It’s the changing of the seasons that I love in Margaret River. By the end of summer I’m ready for cooler weather and rainy days with the log fire blazing, but by the time winter is done I’m ready to get out and feel the sun on my shoulders!


Best Place to Watch the Sunset?

You can’t go past Surfers Point for a killer sunset. However, I find there’s something magic about the sun’s golden glow peeking through the trees in the forest as the day disappears.


You Can’t Leave the Margaret River Region Without?

Booking your next trip to come back!

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