For nearly four decades, John Streater has been sculpting the very soul of wood, fashioning it into fine furniture that defines a generation.

A pioneer in the realm of southwestern art, John’s creations serve as a bridge between the world of artistry and skilled craftsmanship. Him and his dear wife Pamela call a tranquil slice of land in Yallingup home, and it’s also the very place of the John Streater Fine Furniture gallery.

Since he began his artistic journey in 1982, John has gained legendary status with iconic creations like the Cone Table and the Parallel Universe table, cementing his reputation as one of Australia’s premier furniture artisans. But John’s gallery is more than a mere showcase of his extraordinary talent; it’s a space that welcomes a diverse array of artists and creators.

From woodturning and glasswork to children’s puzzles, jewellery and pottery, the gallery is a vibrant tapestry of artistic expression. To add another feather (or perhaps a leaf, in John’s signature style) to the gallery, a viewing area into John’s workshop invites visitors to a unique glimpse into the entire woodworking process. For curious folk like us, it’s a real treat.

Read on to discover John and Pam’s local favourites.


Where's your favourite beach?


Where do you always take your visitors?


Top 3 local food experiences?

Vasse Felix, Margaret River
Dining at Vasse Felix. Photo: Supplied

Best fun in the region to be had without spending a cent?


Favourite time of year?



Best place to pick up local produce?

Margaret River Farmers Markets
Pick up fresh produce at Margaret River Farmers Market. Photo: Elements Margaret River

From where do you draw your creative inspiration?

The pristine environment which I live in. And meeting and greeting the wonderful visitors from all over the world, telling them my story and listening to theirs.


One fun fact about yourself?

Surfing has been a big part of my creative process, along with my love of snowboarding, traveling and the outdoors.

Views from the Cape to Cape Track, Contos. Photo: Tim Campbell

You can’t leave the Margaret River Region without….

Being energized by what the region has to offer and making lifelong memories.

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