Lucy Kollman

Meet Margs local Lucy Kollman. She’s a self-proclaimed foodie who loves hanging at the beach, surfing, playing the ukulele, guitar and singing.

You might find the 11 year old busking at the Margaret River Farmers Market, performing in local pantomimes or playing gigs with her band Picks + Sticks. Lucy shared some of her favourites with us.

Lucy Kollman

What's Your Favourite Beach?

Boranup.  The water is clear as a cup of water! It’s really blue and clear and it just so nice, and it’s just a really beautiful beach.  The waves aren’t dumpy either. You need a 4WD to get there, and the road is quite bumpy, so when I was little I used to call it bumpy beach.  The last time we went we saw a family of emus in the forest, which was so cool.


Where do you always take your visitors?


Top places to eat?

There are so many good places to go!  We love going to the Brewhouse – I always get the Fish and chips and my mum loves the squid salad.

Going to the Beerfarm is always fun too. It has really good food and in the summer they have a waterslide which is so fun.

At the RIVER, there is always live music and their chips are the best. Sometimes they have family nights with silent discos too – so fun!

I love the crepes you get from the Margaret River Farmer’s Market too. You can get all different types, like ham and cheese and spinach, but I love the one filled with Nutella.

Oh and I love going to Surfers Point to watch the sunset and eating fish chips, either from Squid Lips or from the food van down there (Hooked Up Fish & Chips).


Your favourite spot for a treat?


Best fun in the region without spending a cent?

I’m lucky enough to live near the river, so I would say swimming in or canoeing on the river is always good, plus there’s a weir which is fun to jump off.

Going mountain biking at the Pines is fun too. There is a trail for everyone- easy, intermediate or black, which is advanced, although I don’t go down those ones! Its so nice there though, because you are in the forest and surrounded by nature and tall trees.


Favourite time of year?

Summer cos its hot and you can go to the beach.


Best place to hang with your friends?

I love it when we catch up with friends at the Busselton foreshore. There is really nice water for a swim, plus a big jetty that you can jump off. It’s a little  bit  scary at first, but soo fun. Plus there are heaps of places to grab dinner, or lunch or an ice-cream on the foreshore. And there is really cool playground and a skate park you can hangout at with your friends.


You can't leave the Margaret River Region without what?

Going snorkelling at the Aquarium. It’s so awesome. The water and all the fish are amazing, and you have to do a little walk on the Cape to Cape to get there.

Busselton Jetty Foreshore Drone

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