Tim Campbell

Photographer, surfer, sailor, and rock-climber.

You won’t find Tim Campbell indoors very often. A man of the elements, Tim’s explored most nooks and crannies of the region and isn’t precious about sharing his favourites. So take note, grab your camera, and book your next trip (then thank Tim for the tips!).

Tim Campbell

Favourite beach?

Injidup without a doubt! From that unmistakable stretch of pristine white sand to hidden secrets like the Natural Spa and to one of my absolute favourite waves in the region which turns on when the sand is just right, so many of my best memories living in the Margaret River Region have happened at Injidup Beach. Each time I drive over that hill and the big blue ocean is revealed next to one of the most scenic paddocks in all of Australia (the horses that live there have the best view) I instantly feel like I’m in ‘my’ place. Injidup is a place of power and peace at the same time and it’s constantly changing all year round so it really never gets old. It’s also one of the best dolphin watching spots on the entire coastline so take a long lens with you to get that shot!


Where do you take your visitors?

When I have friends come to stay, aside from Injudup, I’ll always get them out on the water. Launching the boat or jetski at the Old Dunsborough Boat Ramp is the best way to head out on Geographe Bay and get up close and personal with all of our marine life. Throughout the entire year you can swim with seals and dolphins, find hidden beaches only accessible by boat or just catch a feed of squid straight out the front of town. If you don’t have access to a boat just jump on one of the charters operating from Geographe Bay, or if ocean activities aren’t your thing then that’s cool too because from the viewing platforms dotted along the coast like Point Piquet or Cape Naturaliste you can literally spot all of these animals! Of course if you want to see our famous shipwreck, the HMAS Swan, you’re going to have to get wet.


3. Top three food experiences?

I’m a big seafood guy so Blue Manna Bistro is going to take the top spot. My favourite pizza restaurant is without a doubt Pizzica in the town of Margaret River, you’d swear you were in Italy if it wasn’t for the kookaburras going crazy outside. This one is a bit out of left field but since I’m on the road a lot I’ll take any excuse to have a work meeting at the Margaret River Bakery, I just can’t be productive without one of their crispy chocolate croissants in front of me!


Your personal beer recommendation?

Well this is quite a serious question because a decade living in the Margaret River Region has turned me into a self- confessed beer snob, a title which I am proud to uphold. The constant development and experimentation of our craft breweries means this recommendation is of course subject to change but for this season it’s going to be the Eagle Bay Brewing Co Pineapple IPA. Take the afternoon off and share it with friends in their beer garden for maximum enjoyment!


Best fun in the region without spending a cent?

I’m not sure how extreme I can be with these answers but for me it’s rock jumping. There’s a couple of famous ones with the local crew that I won’t mention as let’s say, they’re not for the faint- hearted. I will say that Gannet Rock near Point Piquet is a go-to when I have some free time! I’m like a little kid whenever I visit there – doing bombies into the sand lagoon out front. It’s perfect if you just want to swim too! After you get out of the water you can warm yourself up on the granite rocks while you watch the next person “um” and “ahh” about whether to jump off the top level or not.


Favourite time of year?

The beginning of winter! If you surf, everything is in alignment. The tides are perfect for my favourite waves, those powerful groundswells from the deep Indian Ocean are pulsing, the crisp offshore winds are consistently grooming the sea-state and we still have those picture-perfect bluebird days making our coastline look like a meticulously curated Instagram profile. Winter is also adventure time for me and it’s when I’m most likely to drop tools and head further south or north hunting waves. Apart from everything amazing about the Margaret River region the reason I live here is because we’re positioned in the most convenient location to explore the rest of Western Australia from, and when it’s time to come home I’m always excited to walk in the front door!


Best place to watch the sunset?

No matter how much I try to come up with an alternative answer, Sugarloaf Rock is truly unbeatable. The power of this place is unmatched and it’s the location of a lot of the best landscape photographs to come out of Western Australia. Here’s an inside tip though, don’t just stay on the lookout platform, when you reach the top of the stairs there’s a trail to the left that will take you to a much better vantage point. Perch up on the rocks just behind the first ridge you come to with your favourite other person and pretend like there’s no one else around. It’s a little bit romantic to say the least.


You can’t leave the Margaret River Region without...?

Surfing! It’s why I moved here, it’s why this community is so chilled out and of course it’s why we have one of the headline World Championship Tour events right out front at Surfers Point in Prevelly, the Margaret River Pro. If it’s power you’re looking for we have that in bucket loads on our world class reef and beach breaks. If you’re just starting out though and want something mellow then take a foamy to Smith’s Beach or Gas Bay on a small day or even link up with one of the local surf schools, they’re some of  the funnest people ever to hang out with and learn a new sport!

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