Buying local, eco-friendly, and second-hand is the best way to shop sustainably.

The good news is that it has never been so easy to follow these golden rules in our beautiful south west. The region boasts a thriving thrift scene, countless eco-conscious retailers, and a plethora of local labels.

Read on for some fantastic options to add to your sustainable shopping trail.

Augusta Shops - Sustainable shopping
From Busselton down to Augusta, the region is jampacked with all manner of retro, vintage, and antique shops. Photo credit: Russel Ord

Sustainable Style

When it comes to eco-conscious retail, look no further than Re-Tyre in the centre of Margaret River. Its entire ethos is to sell only products made from waste or items that help to reduce waste. From shoes crafted from tyres to bathing suits made from ocean litter, the plentiful stylish products are all sustainably produced. Plus, there are reusable containers of all shapes and sizes and all manner of refillable household and body products.

There is no denying that hemp is one of the most environmentally friendly fabrics. We are lucky to have not one, but two incredible boutiques dedicated to this amazing plant. The Margaret River Hemp Co was first to hit the scene over 25 years ago with its hemp-based skincare and clothing. More recently, The Hemp Temple has joined the revolution offering flowy, earth styles in the most eco way possible.

Origins Market - Busselton
Origins Market in Busselton is where local creatives offer their wares under one roof. Photo credit: Russel Ord

Local Legends

To browse a huge selection of the region’s locally produced products, head to Busselton’s Origins Market or Margaret River’s Artisan.

Origins Market is a community hub showcasing all types of makers, producers and creatives. Browse natural soaps, hand-woven rugs, and home décor, and make sure to allocate some extra time at River Rugs and Lunita Clothing to ease your sustainable shopping cravings.

River Rugs weaves beautiful Nordic upcycled rugs on the loom and uses recycled cotton textiles sourced locally and off cuts from the fashion industry. No two rugs are ever alike; and with no glues or toxic chemicals, they’re also 100% eco-friendly. Lunita Clothing creates hand-made and hand-printed one of a kind colourful pieces. Using all natural fabrics, clothing made from off-cuts and upcycled pieces, this collection is great for the environment as well as for your wardrobe.

When it comes to Artisan, located smack dab in the middle of Margaret River, the name says it all. A space for local artisans to showcase their handcrafted treasures, it has long cemented itself as the place to go for all your gift-giving needs.

OlioBello - Sustainable
At Olio Bello, purchase locally made oils and dips. Photo Credit: Russel Ord

The south west is all about self-care and Olio Bello is serving up some serious treats for your pampered pleasure. Well-known for olive oil, dips, and tapenades, Olio Bello also specialises in a range of beauty products. Handcrafted at the farm, they incorporate their organic and award-winning olive oil.

Yallingup Galleries is all about fine Australian art, but did you know there are also tonnes of local products on offer? With handmade jewellery, ceramics, woodwork, glass vases, as well as Jarrah and Marri furniture, it is a one-stop shop for south west workmanship.

Speaking of beautiful south west workmanship, the trail wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the John Streater Fine Furniture gallery and workshop. John’s stunning art pieces truly speak for themselves in his hand-built gallery and is gracefully accompanied by other local artists who showcase their creations of art, woodturning, glass, children’s puzzles, jewellery, pottery and more.

Jeweller John Miller Open Studios
Hand crafted art to wear, and stories to share, at local talent John Miller Design. Photo credit: Tim Campbell

If you are seeking high-quality jewellery, John Miller Design is a local talent you won’t want to miss. His wearable pieces of art draw inspiration from nature, using only ethically sourced materials. Plus, his gallery is solar-powered and runs completely off rainwater. For more colourful, casual jewellery, check out G&T Designs at Sugarman, Luna & Sol at Oscar & Ivy Hair Co, and La Boheme at Marigold.

At Little Press, in Margaret River, you can even get stationery locally now too, not to mention the paper is sustainably sourced!

Thrifty Threads

Busselton Books
If you're looking for pre-loved books, Busselton Books has got the goods. Photo Credit: Busselton Books

From Busselton down to Augusta, the region is jampacked with all manner of retro, vintage, and antique shops. For second-hand books, Busselton Books has got the goods. Having sold and exchanged second-hand literature for over 25 years, they keep even the most ravenous reader satisfied, all in the most sustainable way possible.

At Reborn Code in Cowaramup, your love for head-turning fashion doesn’t have to cancel out your love for the planet. With a large, curated vintage selection, you don’t have to dig through racks of cast-offs and hand-me-downs to find something special. With some new items from fabulous labels and local producers mixed in, try to walk out without buying something, I dare you!

Vintage, antique, and retro are woven into the very identity of the southern part of the region. Wander down a quiet side street to find The Tiny Store Witchcliffe, organiser of the Witchcliffe Vintage Fair. The space may be small, but it is packed to the rafters with vintage, retro, and funky junk. On the main drag, LucyKat Vintage has records galore with some retro wares mixed in. While The Flying Wardrobe has got bric-a-brac, home decor, books, clothes and more!

Ishara Scott in Augusta. Credit Ryan Murphy.
Augusta is a treasure trove for vintage lovers. Photo Credit: Ryan Murphy

While Witchcliffe is the undisputed home of vintage, Augusta is all about antiques. Continue down south to Awhilago in Augusta for retro collectibles, gadgets and gizmos aplenty. It is a cabinet of curiosity, with worldly wonders on every shelf and countertop. The Ragged Robin also homes a collection of vintage quirks with a café towards the back of the shop.

Wherever you decide to shop in the Margaret River Region, rest assured there is always a sustainable option at your fingertips.

Sustainable Living

Once upon a time, Witchcliffe was a blink-and-you’d-miss-it sized town, but it has come along in leaps and bounds in the last couple of years. Growth may be attributed partly to the new Ecovillage – which is a sustainable, innovative and resilient approach to community living. The area will eventually be home to around 700 people who are striving for self-sufficiency in renewable energy, rainwater and fresh food produce, are motivated to reduce their carbon footprint and live a more meaningful life without compromising comfort, privacy, amenity or affordability.

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