Michael and Charlie at Sugarloaf Rock. Credit Husbands That Travel

This page is a guide for LGBTQ+ travellers to the Margaret River Region.

The Margaret River Region is passionate about supporting a just and egalitarian vision of travel and our tourism operators have shown an undeniable dedication to welcoming the LGBTQ+ community.

This guide aims to help LGBTQ+ travellers to the Margaret River Region select safe & inclusive accommodation and activities so that they can feel free to fully enjoy their time here.

The businesses listed below have met criteria developed by LGBTQ+ Organisations Husbands That Travel and the Gay & Lesbian Tourism Association. To be featured in this guide requires the completion of a Welcoming Travel workshop, a demonstrated commitment to work towards increased inclusion of LGBTQ+ Welcoming messages/imagery on their websites and future membership of LGBTQ+ supportive organisations such as Welcome Here.

They look forward to welcoming you.

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