Aerial photo of the Margaret River

The Margaret River that is synonymous with the town, and the abundance that surrounds it, has been a vital life source here for the Wadandi people for tens of thousands of years. Its essence flows through the earth into the vines and trees, trickles down to the caves and washes out to meet with the salt water at the crest of foamy waves.


This is a place that brings people together. Many have trodden in the footsteps of the early agricultural and viticultural visionaries, while others have found new ways to make a living here. These are people who are bound tightly by a love for where they live, and who are devoted to caring for this place.  

It’s understandable that once you arrive, you may never want to leave. A town surrounded by tall trees, open ocean, rocky cliffs and undulating plains, it’s the heart of the region from which vineyards stretch-out in every direction; fine wine and provenance-driven dining pulsing through its veins. Now is the time to immerse yourself in all that stems from this glorious, enduring, precious patch of earth: awe-inspiring coastal hiking trails, the stillness of underground caves, the rejuvenation of salty sea air, and mountain bike trails that pique adrenaline.  

Mother nature has crafted the ultimate masterpiece here in Margaret River. This inspires our own creative spirit, which you’ll find around you in public street art, hand-crafted pieces in town centre galleries, and artisanal produce at the Farmer’s Market.  You can’t avoid the interconnectedness of things here. And why would you want to?

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