Ian Daniell: Life-size Ocean Art

Monday, 6th December 2021 - Friday, 25th February 2022


Life-size Ocean Art is a joyous celebration of marine life by Margaret River based, British-born artist, Ian Daniell.

A colourful art series, these large-scale paintings render ocean giants at life-size. Cropped as if to offer fleeting glimpses akin to encounters in the wild, the works are distinguished by their unique compositional layouts. Awe-inspiring scale is combined with a distilled stylization that portrays each subject in a bold, eye-catching fashion. Playful, fun and shiny: bright colour combinations appear almost candy-like as each painting is finished with a super-high-gloss similar to water itself.

The artworks are also available in the form of limited edition fine art prints. Each one is signed by the artist and annotated with a percentage, which notes the print size in relation to the life-size original.