Incidental Art – Photography Exhibition

Tuesday, 9th November 2021 - Monday, 20th December 2021


Human-kind has been shaping our planet for thousands of years. In doing so, it has unwittingly created large-scale works of art. Viewed from the air, those shapes, colours and flowing palettes, carved on the surface of the Earth, transform themselves into canvases of unexpected beauty.

Incidental Art is an exploration of the impressive patterns and colours that emerge from our interaction with the planet we call our home.  Exhibition from 9 Nov 2021 to 22 Dec 2021, with opening on Friday Nov 19th from 6-7pm.

About the Artist

Originally from Brazil, Daniela Tommasi has travelled the world with camera in hand, exploring different cultures and photographing wild and beautiful places. A few years ago she discovered the stunning South West region of Western Australia and decided to call it home. She has since turned her passion into a career and has been working as a professional photographer for over a decade, covering sports, events and commercial photography.

Daniela has recently been drawn to aerial photography and the excitement of capturing unique images from the sky. Using a range of flying machines, from helicopters to ultralights, drones and even hot air balloons, she captures the works of art exquisitely carved and painted on the surface of our planet by both nature and humankind. She is constantly growing her collection of vivid aerial images that celebrate a love of colour, texture and movement, and allow her to share with the viewers a deep appreciation for our planet’s stunning beauty.