Margaret River Sculpture Park and Wood Be Good Woodcraft Gallery

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Brendan recently installed a 13 tonne concrete octopus sculpture "Ophelia" under the Busselton Jetty as part of one of West Australia's greatest art/Tourism ventures to date, along with 12 other local artists' work. The piece is designed to grow coral which will become part of its camouflage appearance underwater.

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Margaret River Sculpture Park and Wood Be Good Woodcraft Gallery

Monday - Sunday: 9:00 AM until 5:00 PM
Margaret River Sculpture Park is just a 2 minute drive from the stunning waters of Hamelin Bay, 20 minute drive from Margaret River town and 10 minutes from Augusta. Turn off to Grosse Rd which is just 1km from the Hamelin Bay turn off.
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Margaret River Sculpture Park features giant sculptures carved from recycled wood, stone and more, formed amidst a landscape of coastal heath that changes continually with the colours of each season.
The Sculpture Park is raw and simple, and is located off-the-beaten-track on the doorstep of the Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park.

The Park is based on the Japanese aesthetic of "Wabi Sabi", which embraces the beauty of the natural form and the concepts of imperfection, incompleteness, modesty and simplicity.

About the Artist

The Sculpture Park is the creation of local master craftsman and chainsaw artist, Brendan Booth, who draws his inspiration from 25 years of life in the South West. Brendan is passionate about the region's landscapes and timbers, and is particularly drawn to using Western Australian hardwood, including jarrah and sheoak and incredible blackbutt burl. Brendan takes his natural canvas from logs with splits, pieces from farm wind rows, and reclaimed timber. 

About the Location 

The property is located among magestic coastal heath in one of the most exposed sections of the Leeuwin-Naturaliste Ridge. Visitors to the site will observe how the fauna that occurs naturally has a way of adapting to the changing elements it is exposed to. The property is battered by high winds and rain in winter, and dust storms and searing heat in the hotter months. In spring, there is a multitude of wildflowers and birds. 

Exploring the Sculptures 

As you move through the Park, you will discover that there aren't formal pathways, but that it is a space which rewards the inquisitive, with something incredible to discover when you look around a certain tree or wander down a certain path.  A number of the 30 sculpture pieces will remind you of the quirky characters of your childhood, including Homer Simpson, Zoot from the Muppets, a giant dhufish. 

A treasure hunt has been fashioned among the sculptures, which has been created as a way for the kids to enjoy the natural raw space with their parents and interact with the art. The hidden shipwrecked ‘treasure’ can even be located on Google Earth before you arrive. 

Admission Prices 
Cash entry fees are collected through an 'honesty box' at the entrance to the site. 
  • $10 adult
  • $5 pensioners & children under 12
  • $25 for family of four. 
  • Under 4 are free 

Sunrise and sunset tours available with talk/tour by sculpture/craftsman Brendan Booth. 

Handmade Furniture 
The site includes a building made from recycled jarrah from the iconic Fremantle wool stores. Inside, there are high finish sculptural furniture pieces, which are kept out of sunlight. There is a display of hardwood furniture and homewares, and visitors can order a custom dining table or recycled jarrah mirror for the home, or find that special wedding present for a close friend. 

Future Plans 
The property has been rezoned as a ‘Low Impact Tourism’ site, with part of the rezoning including a cleared area that is the Park, and blending it with natural bushland. In future, there are plans for the site to blend art, nature and relaxation with food and accommodation. 



Margaret River Sculpture Park and Wood Be Good Woodcraft Gallery

19 Grosse Rd, Hamelin Bay WA 6288, Australia


Star 3.4 (127 Google reviews)
Carolyn Clairvoyant 09 March 2024

This is a great artistic collection of interesting creations. We totally enjoyed the stroll along the paths today, taking in the artists' impressions and some pretty amazing pieces. If you like nature and raw talents you will love recycled and natural works.

Marlène Sab 19 April 2024

Really nice park. Worth it ! We saw two kangaroos among the sculptures.

Trish Woodward 05 August 2023

Really quirky unique spot with inspiring originality. Great chat with the artist/ owner about local history, geography and bays... whilst he was clearing the paths with a mate... as you suggested, the local sunset was a cracker!

Alexander King 17 January 2023

Quite a unique experience. A fun activity/treasure hunt for the kids to participate in also. Sculptures are quite rustic but in a unique style. Nice gallery to purchase items if you wish. Paid entry.