Bunker Bay

Star 4.5 (2 Google reviews)

Uncomplicated coastal landscapes like Bunker Bay have a unique appeal. There is recognisable beauty in the long, long stretch of calm ocean kissing white sand.
There is the ease of nearby civilisation – a car park complete with showers and toilets, and a sensitively designed café that brings rescue from sand-filled sandwiches when long beach days collide with hunger. And yet still the trademarks of the Margaret River region are upheld; untouched bush surrounds, a feeling of the remote, and that very special sense of discovery that comes from kicking thongs off before hitting hot sand.

Up near the tip of Cape Naturaliste, Bunker Bay is sheltered from most of the prevailing winds and offers a calm playground for fishing, snorkelling, and beach-umbrella days.

Dog Friendly Area
The north part of Bunker Bay Beach is dog friendly. Please adhere to signage and rules; pick up after your dog; and be mindful of people and wildlife on the beach.



Bunker Bay

Bunker Bay Rd, Naturaliste WA 6281, Australia


Star 4.5 (2 Google reviews)
Rob King 02 November 2023

Great location, beautiful scenery. Whale and dolphin spotting from the balcony was a treat. Close enough to amenities as well.

priyanka chudasama 27 July 2020