Contos Beach

Star 4.6 (8 Google reviews)
Access to Contos Beach is now open following bushfires in the area.

Realisation of the remote is inescapable at Contos Beach. It isn’t just that the drive down from Caves Road is long – a few kilometres of rutted orange gravel road flanked by banksia and bush.
It’s in the towering cliffs that pale boulders on the shore into insignificance. The persistence of waves that carve slopes into white sand.

The complete dearth of people that means finding an isolated spot on the long stretch of crescent moon coast is no real challenge at all.

Unlike some other remote coastal access spots, Contos is accessible to all vehicles. A walking trail loop that begins at Contos car park takes in a vivid section of the Cape to Cape track: swimming in summer is a pleasure, but hiking in the cooler months is equally as connective to the landscape.

A small point break attracts surfers less fixated on high performance waves. Rock pools for exploring and rock formations for clambering offers kids at least as much entertainment as the traditional bucket and spade.



Contos Beach

Conto Rd, Boranup WA 6286, Australia


Star 4.6 (8 Google reviews)
John Horan 10 April 2021

Absolutely stunning beach. Probably one of the best sunsets I've seen. Loads of rocky sections for exploring or just walk along the spotlessly clean sands... Not one for swimming and beware of the mossies after sundown.

Ashie 12 July 2023

Rough as today, lots of water hitting the rocks to make splashes. Would be great in summer and on a calm day. Track in was nice and well maintained

Irene “Ireyne” Cropper 17 April 2021

Absolutely love this beach

graeme howie 18 February 2021

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