Eagle Bay

Eagle Bay sits at the tip of Cape Naturaliste and is the location of the world-class HMAS Swan dive wreck. Explore the abundant marine life, relax on the shore or swim in tranquil calm, clear waters. Eagle Bay is a luxurious escape, with plenty of WA's most affluent properties located nearby.
The opal colours of vivid turquoise water, bright green vegetation and blazing red rocks give way to the dazzling white sandy beach. Facing north, this is one of the best swimming beaches with its sweeping wide beach and shallow calm water. It is also great for kayaking, snorkelling, photography and picnicking with a shady spot near Point Piquet.

Dog Friendly Area
The north part of Eagle Bay Beach is dog friendly (Eagle Bay Boat Ramp). Please adhere to signage and rules; pick up after your dog; and be mindful of people and wildlife on the beach.



Eagle Bay

Eagle Bay WA 6281, Australia