Hamelin Bay Beach

Star 4.8 (831 Google reviews)

A visit to stunning Hamelin Bay is a must-do on any holiday schedule in the region. A vast expanse of bright white sand, turquoise waters filled with marine life, and spectacular coastal cliff walks. The sheltered bay is great for swimming, snorkelling and fishing, and divers can explore the nearby shipwreck.
For the bird enthusiasts, walk to the freshwater lake near the caravan park and look for water birds including Grey Teal, Purple Swamphen and Grebes. Collard Sparrowhawk and little Eagle have been seen here too and visit the beach for possible sightings of Hooded Plover. In summer, the Sanderling and Bridled Tern are welcomed visitors.

You may also spot a stingray as they sometimes swim close to the shoreline. Keep in mind that these are wild creatures and maintain your distance to respect their space. Please do not touch, feed or disturb wildlife.

 Hamelin Bay is home to a caravan park, small shop, public toilets and boat ramp.



Hamelin Bay Beach

Cape to Cape Walk Track, Boranup WA 6286, Australia


Star 4.8 (831 Google reviews)
Dan E 08 March 2024

This is quite the spot! It's famous for these stromatolites, which are basically living fossils - really old, like some of the earliest forms of life on Earth. The boardwalk over the pool gives you a fantastic view of these alien-like structures without getting your feet wet. Plus, the water's so clear, you can see all sorts of marine life doing their thing. It's a bit out of the way, but totally worth the trip if you're into nature or just looking for something different to see. Definitely a unique experience you don't get to see every day!

The Biodynamic Duo 31 December 2023

I am giving it 5 stars for the forest drive to get there and for the stingrays coming to shore. Yes, they really come to you and some people touched them (not sure if that’s advisable). The beach itself is nice with turquoise water

Katherine Borgula 21 December 2023

Absolutely gorgeous!!!! I’m so glad we went! No rays for us but no bother! Loved the view and we had a little walk to explore. One the highlights in our trip to WA

Ian Jackson-smith 11 January 2024

Great place for a photo shoot... Tried snorkelling but it was windy and the water was very turbid. Saw a few fish but not many. Hoped to see the rays but didn't see any during the visit from 2:30-4, maybe I was unlucky. Overall just a beautiful beach though