Redgate Beach

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Nestled between rocky outcrops, Redgate Beach is renowned for its sandy beach and surf break of the same name. Its also the location of a local legend - the Georgette shipwreck, which sank on 1 December 1876 near Calgardup Beach, Redgate. Redgate is in a special purpose surfing zone and is popular with the locals and visitors to the South West. It's an unpatrolled beach and conditions can change quickly. The ocean can be unpredictable and dangerous rips can occur. Lives have been lost so please adhere to signage, weather and ocean conditions.
After a day of surfing heavy reef breaks, Redgate offers a nice easy beach break set among beautiful coastal dunes and ancient granite boulders. It can be great for beginners in the right conditions, but beware of rips. It likes a swell from the south to south-west with easterly wind, but its location offers some protection, so it's worth a look when all else fails.

The Georgette Shipwreck:
Two women and five children drowned when one of the three lifeboats from the Georgette Ship overturned. The wreck was seen in the breakers by Aboriginal stockman Sam Isaacs. He and his employer’s 16-year-old daughter, Grace Bussell, rode their horses into the surf and out to the capsized lifeboats. Over four hours, Sam and Grace made several trips into the surf bringing the passengers and crew—clinging to their horses and clothes—safely back to the beach. Twelve of the 50 passengers and crew lost their lives. The wreck’s location was rediscovered in 1964.

For the bird enthusiasts!
Australasian Gannet, Eastern Reef Egret, Osprey and Hooded Plover are all worth looking for. In the vegetation near the beach, you can also look for Rock Parrot, Little Eagle, Australian Hobby and Nankeen Kestrel.

For fishers:
Please be aware that the only fishing permitted in this zone is line fishing and diving for rock lobster. No rock lobster or octopus potting is allowed.



Redgate Beach

Redgate Rd, Redgate WA 6286, Australia


Star 4.8 (204 Google reviews)
Henrique De araujo machado 12 May 2024

Beautiful beach, came here for sunset, amazing!

Syafiq Tan 15 November 2019

A great family friendly beach with amazing sunsets. Parking can be tricky when the surfs are good. Not much shade so bring your own shade tents and cold drinks. For surfers out there, this is a sand break. Great for beginners learning to surf. The drop in is pretty quick, so you have to be fast.

Zeglar “Zeg” Fergus 25 April 2022

Another great beach located along the Cape to Cape walk. Wide, beautiful family beach, carparking just behind with a toilets and boardwalks down to the beach. The area south has been devasted by fire, but here it all looked good.

Reza Moradi 25 December 2023

Yet another great beach in Margaret River area