Smiths Beach

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Smith’s Beach derives its sense of isolation from its location. A little north from Smith’s sits the popular seaside Yallingup Beach – easy walk to holiday homes and cafes. A little south you'll find the Aquarium, a small lagoon protected by large granite outcrops – a favourite snorkelling spot.
Dispersal of crowds between multiple, iconic coastal hot spots on either side means Smith’s Beach offers an oasis made for relaxation.

When the swell hits, of course, attendance numbers climb: Supertubes is widely known among the surf community for its ability to hold huge swells in those clear waters.

Walkers will love the long stretch of powdered white sand. There is plenty of space to pitch a sun umbrella in relative seclusion.

In winter, the ocean deepens its turquoise hue and makes for an exceptional backdrop to wild beach wanders.

Dog Friendly Area
Dogs are welcome before 9am and after 5pm between 1 December and 28 February inclusive, and all day during the rest of the year. Please adhere to signage and rules; pick up after your dog; and be mindful of people and wildlife on the beach.



Smiths Beach

Smiths Beach Rd, Yallingup WA 6282, Australia


Star 5.0 (3 Google reviews)
Konnor K 04 December 2020

a very pog road

David Manning 24 July 2021

Sandra Palmer 17 March 2018