Yallingup Beach & Rabbit Hill

Star 4.8 (132 Google reviews)

There are two distinct threads in the story of Yallingup Beach.
To the left of the main beach staircase is the Yallingup lagoon, a tranquil embrace of blue encircled by shallow reef. Free of the wild wash of ocean. A slice of kid-friendly, summer-swimming heaven. And to the right? A crash of beach break. Ocean interaction for those that love to feel the push and pull of tide and wave. Surfers come for the opportunity to roll into Indian Ocean steamers that begin their curl where swell hits reef. Yallingup itself is a coddled community of small streets climbing up the hill between sand and Caves Road. The beach offers a certain kind of intimacy created in part by its small-town geography.

Just north of Yallingup Beach is Rabbit Hill, where there is a carpark and lookout over the beach. This surf break is famous as one of professional surfer Taj Burrow's favourite spots, and it features a heavy, challenging wave. It's an unpatrolled beach and conditions can change quickly. The ocean can be unpredictable and dangerous rips can occur. Lives have been lost so please adhere to signage, weather and ocean conditions. 

Dog Friendly Area
Dogs are welcome on the beach north of the Dawson Drive access path. It’s well signed, and the exclusion zone includes from the Dawson Drive path to the Slippery Rocks Car Park. Yallingup Beach is surrounded by National Park so be careful to use the Dawson Drive entrance. Please adhere to signage and rules; pick up after your dog; and be mindful of people and wildlife on the beach.



Yallingup Beach & Rabbit Hill

Yallingup Beach, Western Australia, Australia


Star 4.8 (132 Google reviews)
Craig Maxwell 08 November 2023

My local beach. Love the lawn area. Great for setting up the chairs and watching the sun set with a few beers n food.

Shashou Rst 09 March 2024

Perfect place to watch the sunset 🌅

Nina Vickers 15 August 2021

Another breathtaking piece of our South West WA coastline that every visitor to WA has to experience! Breathtaking views, thrilling surfing spots as well. Flanking coastline as far as the eye can see is lush green bush which is absolutely stunning! We’ll definitely be back often from now on.

Isobel Chong 19 April 2019

Beautiful spot at sunset. Great tourist viewpoint/pitstop with popular playground right next to caravan park and apartment accommodation. BBQs overlook the sea and a green patch where yoga classes are held in season. Only minus one star as not exactly a safe family swimming beach unless perfect weather. Good for older kids and beyond.