Dunsborough Town Boat Ramp

The abundance of things to do in Dunsborough and Yallingup is part of what makes these towns so loved, and together they form a place that epitomises effortless coastal living.

There’s something unique about the way we relate to nature here: there’s no separation between it and us. Morning swims and surfs in crystal-clear, turquoise water, for which gratitude never runs out, set the day’s pace. The cape is dotted with places to connect with the ocean, whether it is an expansive, postcard-perfect stretch of pure white sand, or a hidden bay that only those in the know venture to.

When it’s time for lunch – whether on-the-go or drawn out across an afternoon over a long table with friends – the offering is made from ingredients that speak and taste of place, the whole affair framed by native bushland and rolling vineyards that are loving tended.

Nature is a backdrop to life here, a constant reminder of one’s privilege – to be here is to be lucky, and to feel it deeply, intimately, in your bones. What might feel extravagant elsewhere – sailing down a pristine coastline, or cocktail hour on a beachfront balcony – feels fitting here, grounded in the immense natural beauty of your surrounds.

Here, nature calls to be indulged in, wondered at. It is the conduit through which you get closer to the beauty of life itself.